Terms of Service

(Rev. August 2021)

To our existing customers we thank you for your preference.  To our new customers, welcome to Satellite TV Mexico, LLC!  We are glad to have you as part of our family.  We want you to feel ‘at home’ and ‘in touch’ with English language television viewing in your home in Mexico.

Satellite TV Mexico has been bringing you quality television in English for more than twenty years!  During this time we have experienced substantial changes.  As such we would like to remind everyone of our current terms of service.

As part of our partnership please understand the following:

1.  Satellite TV Mexico, LLC is a broker for satellite television services from Canada and TVIP. 

2.  Satellite TV Mexico, LLC, sells subscriptions for programming provided by satellite television providers. Satellite TV Mexico, LLC, does not warranty that these services will be available in the future nor with the same configurations, programming or other features because Satellite TV Mexico, LLC does not own nor control what is transmitted via satellites to your receiver.

-Occasionally, signals are weaker or satellite signals are moved from one satellite to another.  This is the nature of this business and these signals can vary.  As such, channels can be lost completely.  Sometimes this can be remedied by purchasing and installing a larger dish antenna or newer/upgrade equipment.  Sometimes it cannot.

-Networks can change their programming.  We have no control of this issue.  

3.  Your antenna can lose signal.  Causes not due to satellite movement can include but are not limited to: 

-extreme weather (e.g., wind, rain, etc.)

-meteorological events can cause rain fade or attenuation

-physical impingement (e.g., touching, bumping)

5.  Equipment:  This is highly technical equipment.  Technology is changing constantly and rapidly.  Equipment may become obsolete at which time it is the responsibility of the purchaser/owner of the equipment to upgrade at their expense.

6.  Take good care of your receivers/PVRs.

-To prevent damage from electrical current fluctuations always use Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS). Surge protectors do not protect from voltage drops. Ask your local electrician for purchase sources or bring a UPS with you from your home country.

-When storing a receiver for periods of time, put the receiver in a plastic bag and remove air from bag before sealing. Then place the sealed bag in another bag and remove air and seal. Store in a tightly covered container such as a plastic bin that has a snap-shut lid.

7.  As of October 1, 2014, Shaw’s new “return/repair or replace” procedures have, in effect, rendered their warranty void for all receivers and PVRs that are used outside of Canada per the following:

           -Their new procedures require telephone-technical assistance to troubleshoot and verify the defective receiver via telephone, issue an RMA number, require the item to be shipped to their repair center in Canada and, then, have the repaired or replacement unit re-installed by a Shaw Direct employee at the account owner’s residence. 

8.  Technical service:

-We ask that you always call our office first for assistance and initial troubleshooting by telephone. Some issues can be resolved in this manner.

-If a technician must diagnose the issue, the fee for technical service to your home in San Miguel de Allende to diagnose reception issues is 300 pesos per visit.  There are no exceptions.  

9.  We do not discount subscription fees when channels are lost.  Shaw does not discount their fees either.

10.  Subscription fees may increase with 30 days notice.

11.  Please see your contract and email (August 4, 2021) for all payment options. Or contact the Satellite TV Mexico office for a current list of payment options.

*We are unable to pick up payments from customers.  

12.  We can not accept Canadian dollar checks.

13.  Service will be disconnected on or after 30 days beyond due date. 

14. Re-Activation

-If  your services have been terminated for reason of non-payment for your subscription, equipment or service calls and you wish to restart services, a $250 USD (or peso equivalent) startup fee will be required to re-enable the account.  If the programming package you were previously subscribed to is no longer offered, your receiver will be re-activated on a comparable account at the current subscription price.

15.  There are no refunds of subscription fees for cancellation of service prior to the end of the subscription term.  

16.  Office hours for problems or outages are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

17. Under no circumstances shall Satellite TV Mexico, LLC be liable to you or any other person for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of our relating to these terms or use of the products and services.

18.  By buying and/or using products and services from Satellite TV Mexico, LLC, you agree to the Satellite TV Mexico, LLC Terms.  We may change these Terms in the future.

Thank you for your patronage and your understanding.

-Satellite TV Mexico Team