On this page you’ll find almost everything you need to know about getting started with satellite television viewing in your own home, condo, apartment or business.


We offer a programming package subscription “per receiver” (special requests can often be accommodated).


All subscriptions are for one year with remittances annually in advance. You will be invoiced for subsequent subscription payments during the first two weeks of the 11th month of service. Accounts not paid in a timely manner will have a late charge Late Fee is 3% (minimum US$15.00) per receiver added to their account. If accounts are not paid by end of current subscription, receivers will be de-activated. A re-activation fee of US$250 per account may prevail.

Prices are in US Dollars (US$) and are based upon product costs, shipping rates, duties and exchange rate fluctuations. Thus, prices will vary from time to time.



  • • US$600.00/1-Year* (US$50.00/Month)
    Includes Movies PLUS Super Channel
  • • PLUS Hi-Def Channels Combo
  • • PLUS Hundreds of English channels
  • • PLUS East and West Coast USA Networks

*All Subscriptions are payable 1-year in advance.


All receivers are official, current model, receivers.

Available in 2 styles:

WATCH: High Definition (Hi-Def) HD Model 600 or 800 w/ Remote Control.


WATCH AND RECORD: Dual Tuner Recording-capable (Hi-Def PVR) 630 or 830 w/ Remote Control.


Receivers & PVRs used outside of Canada are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

**Satellite Tv Mexico subscribers with multiple receivers & subscriptions get discounted pricing.
(Note: Receivers and PVRs are available to our subscribers only.)


You will find installation and service call charges very reasonable. When the Technician arrives, you should request an estimate in writing before any work begins. If you accept the costs, please sign the estimate so the service person can proceed. After work has been completed, at the time of payment, please ask for a copy of the Work Order/Invoice for your records.

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